Advice on telephone interviews from a successful graduate video transcript

Adam Cooper MA in International Relations, now a Competitive Price Analyst at Centrica

Video transcript

"I initially found the telephone interview process to be a bit intimidating as it’s a bit of a put off in that you are talking to someone on the other side of the phone for something very important, but you don't have any sort of visual interaction or anything like that.

"The preparation I used was situationally, I made sure I was in a quiet environment so that I wouldn't be disturbed. I sort of, I drilled myself ahead of time and on what questions I thought they would probably ask from previous interviews and from just simple online research. More often than not they are interested in how you've dealt with challenges or how you've dealt with people or so on and so forth.

"Simply practising that and drilling that and making sure that I could deliver it in a good environment is what I did."

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