Helen Parry's testimonial video transcript

Helen Parry - Core Medical Trainee Level 2, MBChB Medicine and Surgery

Video transcript

My current role - I graduated from university three and a half years ago and since then I've been rotating around various medical specialities such as infectious diseases, acute medicine, oncology, and these specialities have helped to help me along my career path to become a physician. I've just recently taken my postgraduate exams and I'm now registered with the Royal College.

I chose the University of Birmingham because when I came round on the Open Day it really appealed to me. The course structure itself is a mixture of the traditional lecture-based teaching along with the more modern problem-based learning approach which really appealed.

Skills I learned at university include communication skills, proficiency skills, which is very important in the job that I do often we're under time pressures to reach deadlines, clinical skills - Birmingham is renowned for producing excellence in clinical skills and certainly from the round-the bed teaching that we achieve at medical school. I do think this has helped me in my current position. I also think - I intercalated and spent time researching in a laboratory and this basic laboratory skills has helped me for my future career in academic medicine.

In the future I want to become a consultant haematologist so looking at blood diseases particularly the cancerous blood disorders such as leukaemias and lymphomas. I'm hoping to combine clinical with an academic career as I like research and would like to continue this in the future.

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