Mental Health - Feelings First

When your mental health is suffering, no matter the extent, the University of Birmingham is here to support you every step of the way; we have a wide range of services in place to ensure that you’re getting the most from your time as a student.  

Caution : You may find some of the thoughts, feelings and behaviours described below distressing.  If you need some support to use these pages, or are unsure which support services to access, please speak to your Wellbeing Officer

UBHeard, the University’s Mental Health Support Line is a confidential service that gives you immediate help and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You will be able to speak to a mental health professional who will guide you through any issues you may currently be facing – in university or at home.

How to use this guide

It’s really important to us that you access the right support services for you when you need them - that’s why we use a ‘Feelings First’ approach, to make it easier for you to identify how you’re feeling, thinking and behaving, and to help find the best options to suit your individual needs.  

Simply click the box below that best describes how you feel, and then browse the wide range of support available.

You won’t necessarily have all the feelings, thoughts or behaviours in the box, and that’s okay; likewise, if you are feeling as though all of the terms do apply, or even as if more than one box could fit, then that’s perfectly normal as well. 

If you already know what service you are looking for or do not want to use the ‘Feelings First’ guide, visit the internal and external services pages to see the different types of support available to you.

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Although it’s important to give services a chance, not everything will be a perfect fit. If you don’t feel you are getting the right support or you feel like your symptoms are getting worse, please speak to your Wellbeing Officer to find out about the further support and resources available to you.

If you already have a diagnosed disability or mental health condition and are looking for support, please visit the Student Disability Service pages.

In addition to the support offered by the Mental Health and Wellbeing Service, we are also proud to work with a range of highly skilled and professional external services. Click here to find out more about external services, and the help available if you are not getting the support you need from them.

If you're worried about a friend and are looking for support, then there is a wide variety of help and advice available to you. Click here to find out more about supporting a friend with their mental health.


Professional Services