Learning Resources and Accommodation Team (LRAT)


Report a room fault on ext: 43322

The LRAT team have a wide brief supporting AV in many ways across the University. Our services include video-conferencing, complex AV installations, events in large lecture theatres and other venues and much more. LRAT's activities are not limited to centrally managed rooms - we work for colleges and other corporate services for the installation and maintenance of AV kit on a contract basis.

Get help fast

In case of a problem with our equipment or a room, contact the TAMU Helpline on 43322.


Booking equipment and charges

We charge for everything except the direct teaching of students in teaching rooms, whether centrally or locally managed.

We have a video-conferencing suite and portable equipment that can be deployed almost anywhere on campus.

Video services and equipment loans
We loan out DV cameras to students and departments, maintain top-specification video-editing facilities and facilities for the migration of legacy media.

Maintenance agreements
LRAT can tailor support arrangements for equipment not in centrally managed rooms. Our rates are competitive and our response time target is under 10 minutes

Installation service
Our installations include stylish lecterns, touchscreen control systems, flat-screen TVs and much more, all fitted to high professional standards.

Finding and Contacting Us
How to contact LRAT and where to find us on campus.