Conditions for delivery bookings, and service changes

None of our equipment (except where specified below) can be taken off campus unless in the care of an LRAT technician. 

TurningPoint handsets

We no longer deliver these as a better alternative is now available - TurningPoint ResponseWare. This uses an app on students' smartphones and is available on demand across the campus; no more having to see if LRAT has sufficient stocks. As a transitional stage a limited number of handsets will be available for collection and return to LRAT. For details of Responseware please contact Birmingham Digital Education.


Teaching bookings of laptops are for lecturers only. Laptops are not for student use, either singly or in multiple quantities. In particular we cannot accept multiple bookings simulating the use of a small cluster. No confidential data should be viewed or stored on our laptops. Our laptops are not ADF-authenticated so do not feature Skype for Business.

Video cameras

We take bookings for two types - Student (Panasonic HC-V10 model) and Teaching (Canon XA-10 model). Student cameras can be used off-campus. The teaching cameras can be regarded as being prosumer quality. Both types require the user to provide their own storage media. Storage specifications are:

Canon XA10

  • 64GB built-in flash memory;
  • SDXC/SDHC/SD memory card (2 card slots)

Panasonic HC V10

  • SD card only

Please allow enough time in your booking to recover the footage.

Flip chart stands

We no longer supply these. 

Logitech Group  Microphone Camera Kit


Logitech-cc3000e Skype video-conferencing kit

This kit enhances the Zoom, Skype or Skype For Business experience with quality camera and speakerphone with noise cancellation. Unfortunately LRAT cannot guarantee call quality.

Remote Presenter Mouse

We no longer stock these items - please use your own.

LED screen on a wheeled stand

More convenient and less obtrusive than a projector and screen. The screen itself has no method of reading content so you should book a video source too - a Blu-ray player or laptop typically.

VCR player or DVD/VCR combo unit

We just can't buy these items economically anymore, so are unable to book them out. A very few lecture theatres are still equipped with them.

OHP's (Overhead Projectors)

These are obsolete and are no longer supplied.

Radio Microphones

We supply lapel microphones and hand-held microphones. Hand-held microphones are best suited to audience question and answer sessions. Do not be tempted to order a microphone for every speaker as too many in a small space can cause feedback problems and we may not have enough free radio channels to support the request, without the danger of crosstalk. Any booking that uses two or more radio microphones will only be accepted if full technical support is booked too.

handheld or roaming microphone

lapel or clip microphone


Professional Services