Hearing assistance

We use two systems of hearing assistance, infra-red and induction.


Sound from the lectern including voice, computer and video presentations are broadcast through infra-red signals. 

Infra-red hearing loop logoInfra-red rooms have this sign in the room 

You will need a Sennheiser neck loop (pictured below). 

To convert the infra-red signals to a signal that your hearing aid can pick up, your hearing aid must be switched to the T-position (not all digital hearing aids feature this setting).  

Borrow a neck loop

Sennheiser stethoscope receiver

Neck loops and chargers are available to borrow: 

Induction loop 

Induction hearing loop logoInduction loops are indicated by this sign in the room 

To use an induction system, no extra hardware is required - you should just turn your hearing aid to the T position.




System availability is shown on our rooms pages (ADF login required).- look for the equipment type 'hearing assistance". The type - induction loop or infra-red - is shown in the notes for the room.