LRAT Facilities

The LRAT Facilities team looks after 300+ teaching rooms and several entire buildings:

  • JG Smith
  • Nuffield
  • Strathcona
  • Teaching & Learning Building
  • Murray Learning Centre
  • Old Gym

Responsibilities of room users

In order for teaching rooms to be in a good condition for the next user, please observe these simple housekeeping rules:

  • Do not move in extra chairs or tables. If you must do so please check the rated fire capacity of the room and remove all added furniture at the end of your booking
  • Please clean the whiteboards or chalkboards
  • Please throw out all excess teaching materials, such as handouts etc
  • Log out of the lectern PC
  • If you alter the furniture layout, then please return it to the layout on the in-room seating plan.


Professional Services