Alicia Pearce (Mentor) - mentoring case study


I’m Alicia and I am a policy advisor in the Civil Service. I graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2014 with a degree in Social Policy. I joined the Birmingham Children’s Hospital graduate scheme and then volunteered on the International Citizen Service programme where I spent 3 months in India. I then joined the Civil Service where I’ve held a variety of roles over the past 6 years.

Mentoring experience

Over the past year, I have been mentoring a final year student who is interested in a career in the Civil Service. We meet once a month over Zoom where we discuss applications, work experience, growing in confidence and much more. In September, she is shadowing me in my office where she will meet a variety of Civil Servants, from ministerial private secretaries to economists.

Mentoring has been a really rewarding experience knowing my experiences and knowledge can support someone going through a similar journey as I did.

How can you support students and graduates through the mentoring scheme?

I can support you through the Careers Networking Mentoring Scheme by giving you an insight into careers in the Civil Service and public sector, as well as supporting you with job hunting, applications and interviews. I can help you navigate the world of work by providing an understanding of workplace cultures, soft skills and how to get the best out of your experiences.


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