Baljinder Singh Atwal - video transcript

Introduction - Careers Network Mentoring Scheme

Hi, my name is Bal. I'm an in-house Solicitor at West Midlands Police. I graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2015. Straight after University I did my LPC at the University of Law in Birmingham. I then went on to do my training contract at an international law firm called Trowers and Hamlin's. After my training contract I then qualified at a global law firm called DLA. Piper. After a year and a half at DLA I then made the move to in-house and public sector life where I am now. I specialise in commercial property and commercial law.

Mentoring Support - Careers Network Mentoring Scheme

One of my top tips to enter the profession is to really build on those core skills really early on. So I'm talking about things like communication, teamwork, organisation and even public speaking. Even if you can establish these core skills outside of a pure legal environment these things will definitely help you when it comes to things like interviews, applications, assessment days, you name it. So building on those core skills really early on, even outside of a pure legal environment, is super important.

Top Tip for Industry - Careers Network Mentoring Scheme

I can support people through the careers networking mentoring scheme by offering real, honest and balanced views from my experiences in the profession. I've got experience through working and training in international law firms, global law firms and large public sector organisations. Through my time I've also developed a very strong network of lawyers from a number of different backgrounds and practice areas, so I'm more than happy to share my insights and information on all of that. I'm also a mentor and a mentee outside of the University of Birmingham so I can definitely see the benefits of being a mentor and a mentee.


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