Phil Kelly (Mentor) - mentoring case study


I am a chartered engineering and chartered environmentalist, and graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2008 with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering.

My early career focus was in building physics, designing systems for large commercial and residential buildings across the world before expanding into the wider sustainability context.

As an engineering consultant, I assist clients in the environmental, economic and social elements of building and master-planning designs, with a speciality in Circular Economy.

Mentoring experience

This year I have been mentoring a Civil Engineering second year student who is looking to pursue a career in the buildings & infrastructure industry, with a passion for sustainability. I invited him to our office in Birmingham whilst also having regular online calls throughout our mentoring journey. We were able to discuss the various career opportunities within the sector, the types of companies and roles, whilst also assisting with applications for his industry placement.

We discussed how the various skillsets acquired and content within his course apply to the industry, and how they may evolve in the future. I very much enjoyed being able to give insights from my career journey to date in what is an extensive and exciting industry, whilst also listening to how the University and departments have continued to evolve since my time there.

How can you support students and graduates through the mentoring scheme?

I can support candidates through the Careers Networking Mentoring Scheme by giving insight into the construction and built environment industries, its trajectory, and the types of careers and companies that operate within it.

The built environment is responsible for 40% of global carbon emissions, and consumes an even greater proportion of the world’s material resources. Unsurprisingly there is a strong focus on addressing this challenge, and my expertise in the sustainability agenda will hopefully enable candidates to identify how they can make an impact through their career choices, the skillsets that our industry requires, and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.


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