Fiona Woolston - video transcript

Introduction - Careers Network Mentoring Scheme

Hi my name is Fiona Woolston I'm Senior Account Manager with Copper Consultancy in their Birmingham office, the Midlands. I graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2014 with a degree in Politics, Psychology and Sociology and during my time at university I did a number of internships in all different types of industries including museums, creation, publishing and journalism.

After graduating I went to work fora national environmental charity and then went on to work for the University of Birmingham in their communications and marketing department.

Most recently for the last two years I've been with Copper Consultancy developing advocacy for the country's biggest and most controversial development and infrastructure schemes working in PR specialism.

In 2018 I graduated from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations with a certificate and in 2021 will be completing my diploma.

Mentoring Support - Careers Network Mentoring Scheme

I can support you for the University of Birmingham's Careers Network mentoring scheme by firstly giving you the confidence that it’s okay to not know what you want to do right away. But if you do decide that a career in public relations, marketing or communications might be for you, I can be there to help you understand the process to getting a job in that profession.

The entry process into these professions isn't as clear-cut like other careers such as engineering law or medicine, neither do you need a specific degree or qualification in public relations to start off with this can seem quite daunting at first but it's actually a great opportunity for you and gives you really good flexibility in how you shape your career.

I can help you navigate this path and give you some ideas to boost your chances of securing a role in that profession after graduating. But most importantly I'm a sounding board for you to talk through ideas but also to be questioned to maybe think a little bit differently, broader your options and also to challenge some of your preconceptions and that will really give you an edge in the job market.

Top Tip for Industry - Careers Network Mentoring Scheme

My top tip for getting into a career in public relations is practice, practice, practice.

PR can often be muddled with similar professions like marketing and communications so when looking at work experience and internship options keep them open, explore lots of different types of descriptions you never know which one is going to suit you most, but also take opportunities to run campaigns for student societies or perhaps the student union particularly in areas that you're interested in.

PR is a really varied and exciting career which can match to what you're really passionate about and truly care about so use these three years to explore those ideas explore those options and find a sector that you can put your skills to and really make a difference.


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