Hamdalat Basorun (mentor) - case study

Hamdalat BasorunIntroduction - Careers Network Mentoring Scheme

Hi, my name is Lami and I’m a risk and compliance officer working with an asset management firm in London. I graduated from the University of Birmingham with a degree in Law. I am a qualified solicitor in Nigeria and am working towards qualifying as a solicitor in England. Prior to working in compliance, I worked as a solicitor in a commercial law firm in Nigeria.

Mentoring Experience

This year I mentored a first year (now a penultimate year) law student. We met once a month over the course of the mentorship, which took place online via zoom. My mentee wanted some support understanding how to obtain a training contract and achieve a first in her law degree. We spent time going through her applications and doing mock interviews to prepare her for assessment centres. After which she was able to obtain a training contract with a city firm. We’ve agreed to continue the mentorship informally as she prepares for her next steps.

Top Tip for Industry - Careers Network Mentoring Scheme

My top tip for getting into a career as a solicitor is to be consistent, especially when applying for the training contracts. It can incredibly competitive, so you need to be resilient! Do your research into the firms you intend to apply to and remember that quality matters over quantity. It’s not about sending out lots of applications, it's about sending out good applications. I’d also encourage you to focus on working on your commercial awareness skills. There are simple ways to incorporate this into your daily routine i.e. reading a Financial Times article a day, listening to podcasts like Watsons daily. 

Mentoring Support - Careers Network Mentoring Scheme

I can support you through the Careers Networking Mentoring Scheme by giving you an insight into careers as a solicitor and compliance roles, as well as supporting you with how to study and prepare for exams.

I didn’t have a mentor whilst I was studying but I certainly think I would have benefitted from talking through my plans with someone who was separate from my family and friends and working within the sector.

I was very fortunate to receive support in gaining my first legal work experience and am keen in turn to offer support to others who are just starting out in their career


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