Vernice Jeffers - video transcript

Introduction - Careers Network Mentoring Scheme

Hello my name is Vernice and I'm a mentor as part of the University’s Mentoring scheme.

Just a little bit about myself I'm a qualified mentor obtaining my qualifications back in 2000 although I've used the skills required for mentoring relationships during one-to-one appointments and group sessions for over 20 years.

I'm a qualified Careers Consultant obtaining the qualifications several years ago and was a national careers adviser for seven years. During that time I actually engaged with individuals from being unemployed, being at college, being out in the community and also at university level as well.

I would like to support you into looking at your dreams and goals through engaging with you through either telephone calls, via emails by either Teams or Zoom depends on what equipment you have and also to support you through your university term this year and I hope to see you soon.

Good luck and goodbye for now bye.

Mentoring Support - Careers Network Mentoring Scheme

So how can I help you as being a mentor at University of Birmingham? Now just to say a little bit about myself.

I was a student, a part-time student six years at university from 2000 to 2006 and at the same time I worked full time and also I had a very good hobby and a family life as well so as many things I was struggling at the same time so I do appreciate how hard it is to be a student.

Now with a mentor I'll be seeing you on a regular basis it could be by telephone, face-to-face, it could be virtual whichever way is feasible for both of us and our agreements and also look to see how I can pave the way forward for you as it's good to speak to somebody that’s outside the academic field. Probably a way away from your friends because it could concern your social activities and trying to balance your education and your social activities at the same time.

So I'm a good sounding block, I'm a good listener; I'm good to put things into a logical way and bearing you in mind and your background as well and your circumstances.

Everybody's individual so I actually liaise with people on an individual basis based on your background and your experiences and where you are at the moment. Look at your goals, look what you want to achieve and also try and plan forward if anything uneventful will happen whilst you're studying at the University of Birmingham.

So basically I'm here to support you during your academic year and also to see if I can help you support you put you back and regroup you, calm you down trying to put things in perspective with you and bounce things back off you to see where we can go with that to help and support you.

Okay so hopefully I'll see you later bye bye.

Top Tip for Industry - Careers Network Mentoring Scheme

Hello my top tips of you gaining the career in your industry is to gain as much work experience as possible.

Now employers like to see a lot of students who've got prior experience when they're going to graduate work market and beyond. So having that experience beforehand as you enter the graduate market will be an advantage to yourself be more confident and also have the skills and knowledge of working with people, conducting projects from beginning to end and also working for team spirit and dynamic.

Another top tip will be to have a role in mind. So okay you've got a degree in a certain specific subject but if you have a career or role in mind then that's something you can focus on.

Another top tip will be to explore with the university's career department other roles so as I mentioned before it’s quite competitive so if you bank your thoughts upon one role entirely and you can't get to that role and you’ve applied for different placements etc. and can't get there, then it'd be good to look at possibly another one or two in addition to the role that you have in mind. How to get there, how to apply or find for placements while you're at university? That would be by looking or going to the employability sections in the university who may have links with employers already, you can ask your friends, or you may know some relatives who actually work in the industry that can give you some support who give you some valuable work experience and also you can look online looking at various undergraduate and graduate employers who are looking for placement opportunities for you and they'll be there to help and support you and train you to gain more knowledge and experience.

As well as that as well I suggest you keep studying so together with your academic abilities and structure and theories, you can also gain experience within the workplace which is a little bit different because it's just working with other people, time management skills, problem-solving etc.

So there's my top tips see you later.


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