Jessica Hall (Mentor) - mentoring case study

Jessica Hall headshot (2)Introduction 

Hi, I'm Jessica and I'm a Market Intelligence Executive & Product Manager at PSA Groupe – PEUGEOT.

Mentoring experience

My mentee, Emily, is a credit to UoB and was a pleasure to mentor. I felt it was a perfect match - I had actually studied the exact course Emily is on a few years ago and therefore the relationship was particularly relatable. I could remember the lecture topics that we discussed and had recently been through the same job application process. I could empathise with the difficulty of the time Emily was going through, but can also offer the flip side from a management side to support with the 'real world' practicality of job hunting. We started the process talking about the fields of marketing that Emily could go into by applying real world org structures to the topics covered throughout her university course - e.g brand marketing / analytics. We spent a substantial amount of time discussing and reviewing the client vs agency sides of marketing, something of which she didn't know about before the experience - she's now working in a fantastic London agency! We then went through all of the stages of the job application process. When Emily secured an assessment for a role she was hugely passionate about - we had a last minute prep call on a Sunday afternoon for her to rehearse her presentation and to have some coaching on Excel to support the Excel test she had to complete. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the process and supporting the future talent of our Marketing industry!


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