Jonathan Wong - video transcript

Introduction - Careers Network Mentoring Scheme

Hello my name is Jonathan Wong and I spent over 20 something years in the media industry. When I say media I'm talking about TV, movie and media technology and some years ago I moved from the commercial side into the social sector and I spend time as a business consultant in the council civil service in Hong Kong.

Right now I'm the project director for the centre for entrepreneurship in the Chinese university of Hong Kong and also visiting lecturer at the Hong Kong polytechnic university and I also spend time in working with some start-up in Hong Kong as the mentor, trainer and also business consultant and I graduated from the Birmingham University back in 1990.

I studied a double degree in Production Engineering and Economics, that’s my background..

Mentoring Support - Careers Network Mentoring Scheme

I've been working as a mentor for a number of years now and for different platforms. Not only for the University of Birmingham but also Universities in Hong Kong and also start-up platforms as well. So don't treat me as a mentor, just treat me as a friend. Even though our age may be have a wide gap. But I think I can share my experience in the business world and also my experience of different areas as well.

My mentees have not only been from Hong Kong, I've mentored all over the world from the UK, Singapore, from Israel, the Philippines, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, and the US as well. So I mean I've been working with lots of international companies around the world. So I think my communication skill is pretty good. Ok hope to talk to you soon. Thank you. Bye Bye.

Top Tip for Industry - Careers Network Mentoring Scheme

Since I spent so many years in the media industry, I mean if you would like to join the media industry there are many ways. The best thing is to get to know the people in the industry and there are so many different conferences or webinar or seminar in the UK or overseas.

If you have a chance maybe you can find some opportunity to see where they can join them. Also as I said I mean I have been working with a lot of start-up companies in Hong Kong and also mentor for young people as well.

So I mean if you’re thinking to start your own business and you can I mean get to know me and so that I can share my experience with you to see how I can help you and to start your own business and your ideas okay.


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