Rachel Graville (Mentor) - mentoring case study


Hi, my name is Rachel and I am Director of Operations at Epsom Primary Care Network. My studies were not based around healthcare. I graduated in Law at Birmingham University in 1994. A career in law followed until I had my children when I decided to change to a career in health which I find rewarding. I mentored a student who was progressing towards a Masters in Public Health.

Mentoring experience

We met around every six weeks for the 6-month period of the scheme. This was remotely due to the geographical distance between us but I plan to visit my mentee later this year. The first few meetings were getting to know each other so we could understand each other’s backgrounds, our passions and developing what sort of support would be most useful.

Over the 6-month period I put my mentee in touch with different people and organisations she could speak with which might help her decide on a career path. I gave tips to direct her to websites and reading materials to better understand her character and strengths to play to.

I was so pleased to have encouraged that self-reflection as it gave her the courage to change a long-held plan. I thoroughly enjoyed the mentoring process and would encourage anyone to take up the opportunity. I gained a lot from the process myself, including a sense of increased confidence from imparting my own insights.

How can you support students and graduates through the mentoring scheme?

I can support you through the Careers Networking Mentoring Scheme by giving you an insight into different career paths in health.

The variety of roles we have in primary care now is much wider (including mental health, first contact physiotherapists, paramedics, social prescribers, physician associates and pharmacists).

We work closely with colleagues in councils and communities including the voluntary sector. We look at Population Health Data to help drive our service provision and work together at scale.

I am passionate about my role and hope to inspire and support others along their career path to find fulfilment. 


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