Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme Video Transcript

  • Introducing the Alumni Leaderships Programme.
  • An exclusive opportunity to be mentored by sector leading University of Birmingham alumni, open to undergraduate penultimate year students and 3rd or 4th year MDS students.

Mitali Gohel (BSc Business Management (with year in industry), ALMP Mentee: 2013/14, Mentor: Martin Devenish 

What I enjoyed most about the Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme was firstly, meeting my mentor and learning from him.

He was an industry expert in his field and he was able to coach me and guide me when I had some major career decisions and life choices to make. Final year is tough so having somebody there who can help guide you and give you a different perspective was absolutely key in me making the right decision for me. 

Mary Agbesanwa (BSc Economics, ALMP Mentee: 2015/16, Mentor: Jane Lodge

What I enjoyed most about being part of the Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme was firstly, my mentor who was a partner at a similar professional services organisation to mine. Having that advice, career guidance, pretty early on in my career was invaluable.

Additionally, other ALMP mentees that were part of the programme. It was great to connect with them, meet them and share ideas as well.

Anna Parker (BA Politics and International Relations, ALMP Mentee: 2020/21, Mentor: Sarah Fahy

I think mentoring has helped me the most in terms of overcoming those mental blocks or barriers that I think I have up. Kind of relating to any kind of self-doubt or lack of confidence.

Dr Joe Alderman (MBChB, Medicine and Intercalated BMedSc, Clinical Science), ALMP Mentee: 2014/15, Mentor: Dr Andrew Valance-Owen

Mentoring helped me enormously in my early career by making me more reflective while being unafraid to advocate for me own interests. It allowed me to build confidence which allowed me to recognise and make the most of good opportunities.

  • 100% of ALMP Mentees would recommend the scheme to other students* (*2019/20 cohort evaluation survey)
  • The programme has a wide range of mentors from a variety of sectors, ready to help you reach your potential

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