After graduating with a degree in Mathematics in 2020, Eaad Fara started a business called CaseCrackers - a coaching service which helps graduates break into the consultancy industry with case study preparation and CV support. The start-up also supports social mobility offering a free service to under-privileged students.

Eaad's story:

Applying for a job in the consulting world, it was clear to me that it is a very competitive industry. Once I started working, I began receiving requests from many people on LinkedIn asking for help preparing for the Case Study interview which is so commonplace with consultancy.

Upon further research, I found that a few businesses were set up in the USA offering this kind of support for a fee. While this seemed like a successful model in the states, it hadn't been replicated here in the UK. Given the nature of the business (low risk, low capital), I figured I would give it a go.

While most of what we currently do is directed at paying customers, we hope to expand into a more social-mobility-focused mission offering services free at the point of use for underprivileged students.


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