The Slice is Right - Luke Davies

The Slice is Right is a mobile pizza start-up created by Economics graduate Luke Davies. Based in Leeds, the business offers traditional-style Neapolitan pizza and offers customers an Italian pizza experience at an affordable price.

The Slice is Right is a pizza business based in Leeds

Luke's story:

Our menu is strictly veggie/vegan and aims to showcase the best vegan products available on the market, meaning that you can enjoy a delicious pizza whilst minimising your impact on the environment. As well as catering private events and collaborating with local businesses to provide food options, we also host our own events, bringing together local talent so that people can enjoy a night of music and pizza.

The idea to launch The Slice is Right came to me during the lockdown. With little else to do, food became a hugely important part of my daily routine. It became a central point in my house where my family could all spend extra effort creating something tasty. But as well as getting me passionate about cooking, it also highlighted the joy of getting good, local, takeaway food.

A pizza van would come through my village once a week, an event which quickly became a source of great anticipation and excitement whilst the world stood still. Inspired by this, I wanted to launch my own business doing something similar. I was also working fulltime throughout the pandemic as a refuse collector which gave me plenty of time to save up the money required to launch the business.

To find out more about The Slice is Right, you can follow the business page on Instagram: @_thesliceisright


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