Snackcess is an exciting new venture founded by UoB graduates Kieran Fitzgerald and Joshua Barley and University of Bristol graduate Sonny Drinkwater. Their idea is a snack business aimed at HR managers for their business staff working from home and the concept has been wholly influenced by the lockdown restrictions enforced during the global pandemic.

Snackcess is a business created by three friends; Joshua, Kieran and Sonny.

Josh, Kieran and Sonny's story

We came up with the idea when we realised how much workers and students working from home during the lockdown were complaining about the deterioration of their diet and frequent unhealthy snacking. Snacking doesn't have to be unhealthy, there are so many healthy snacks out there to keep workers fuelled when working, while staying health-conscious.

We believe that whilst many companies were providing healthy snacks to employees in the office, they are missing this benefit when working from home. So we have come up with the idea of using healthy snacks as a tool to improve employee wellness, health and engagement. Who doesn't like free healthy snacks? We think that the Coronavirus pandemic will change the workplace forever, we predict that we will see many more remote workers and believe the whole labour market will shift towards remote-working, now we all know it is possible.

So far, we've been surprised how easy it has been to start a business remotely. During lockdown, the three of us are all in different locations. We've been using technology to conduct meetings, collaborate and share ideas and it's been such a breeze (internet connections permitting). We coined the word Snackcess by combining the words Snack and Success because we want our snacks to lead to successful snacking workers.

The word snackcess means a successful snacking experience. If you would like to find out any more information or organise a snack box for your business please contact us through our website.


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