Seraphim London

The role of the contemporary woman is ever evolving, and women are sportier than ever, more career-driven, pursuing social interests and generally more on the move than ever. Seraphim London is a futuristic brand focused on creating multi-purpose fashion accessories for the contemporary woman.

Seraphim London is a start-up business based at The Exchange in Birmingham.

Our aim is to create luxury accessories designed to empower women to do more. We create luxurious multi-functional accessories for everyday use so that women can transition easily from board room to gym and night out without compromising on style. Our flagship product is a beautiful ergonomically designed dual-purpose hybrid handbag.  

Origin story:

My idea was inspired by a personal need. I have worked full-time in the fast-paced financial services industry for the past four years, during this time I needed to balance the long hours with my physical fitness need so I often had to visit the gym before work, during lunch break or after work. I noticed the gap in the market for handbags designed to contain both gym wear and work laptops whilst maintaining elegance. I noticed the same with other women I passed on my way to work, I saw people in nice smart dresses carrying a duffel bag, rucksack, or multiple handbags just to fit in their gym kit. This led to creasy clothing, looking dishevelled and consequently not feeling or appearing confident. This observation inspired me to start this Seraphim London, a brand that designs accessories to help women stay organised, feel confident, optimistic, and beautiful.

Progress so far:

To date, we have designed and manufactured a working prototype of the product and I am currently refining this prototype with final changes to ensure that the product released will be very high quality and achieve the purpose we set out for.

We are also fundraising towards our official launch date of 10 January 2022 and we are looking to raise £20,000. The amount will go towards covering the cost of manufacturing an initial 50 bags, branding and marketing campaign.

Investors, please contact us at to discuss how you can get involved in Seraphim London. We would be very excited to hear from you, we are interested in not just financial donations but also mentorship opportunities so please do reach out to us.

Founders Story:

At Seraphim London we understand the importance of stories. Everyone has a story, and our story is what makes us authentic. Chinwendu Ogboh migrated to the UK from Nigeria in 2013 to join her family and to pursue a degree in Medicine. She worked as a health care assistant, cleaner and events waitress in the first four years of being in the UK whilst going through college education. She graduated college with triple distinction stars and soon realised that her true passion was in business and fashion. Chinwendu made the transition by joining the big four firm KPMG as an audit trainee school leaver. She studied full time for a degree in accountancy at the University of Birmingham whilst working fulltime as an auditor. Chinwendu founded Seraphim London in 2019 in her final year of university and has so far bootstrapped the research, design, and all other aspects of Seraphim London personally because of her deep-rooted belief in the prospects of the brand and the gap in the market for a product like the one we are offering. Currently Chinwendu combines the running of Seraphim London with a full-time role as associate accountant for an asset management firm in Central London. Chinwendu’s aspiration is to make Seraphim London a global brand one day.



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