SWARM AI - Joe Maliszewski

SWARM AI Ltd is developing swarm technology, combined with artificial intelligence and computer vision in order to solve large scale problems. We are primarily targeting the construction industry, in order to replace some current processes that are being done manually, at a fraction of the price, at a fraction of the time, and to also provide better data insights and visualization with machine learning techniques.

SWARM AI is a start-up created by Joe MaliszewskiJoe's story:

My prime motivation for entering entrepreneurship was to take advantage of the opportunity to
make disruptive technology. I find the prospect of bringing my vision into a reality an exciting one. Also I enjoy the sense of freedom to make my own decisions entrepreneurship brings, and to be on the forefront of AI, implementing my own ideas. There are however some challenges that have been presented, including ensuring meticulous planning, and maintaining momentum and self-discipline.


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