Student Beans - James Eder

Student Beans was founded by James Eder shortly after he graduated with a Commerce degree in 2005 and gives students access to free discounts on over 750+ of the world's biggest brands and retailers.

Student Beans was founded by James Eder

James Eder's story

I started Student Beans back in 2005 when I was 22 and just a few weeks after graduating from the University of Birmingham. I did a business plan as part of my degree where I actually came up with the idea for the business and after graduating it made sense to set it up. I co-founded the business alongside my business partner, and brother, Michael.

We knew that when students arrived in a new city, they would turn to the web for help. Being in unfamiliar surroundings and living on a limited budget is tough. But we knew that the Internet and a little entrepreneurialism on our part could solve these problems.



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