Motiiv is an app-based start-up, launching on iOS and Android on 1 January 2022, Motiiv is the social media for experiences. Find people who share the same interests as you in your area and embark on experiences together. Invite your friends, meet new friends just like you and create meaningful friendships. Think of this app as online dating, but for friendship groups so you can meet your like-minded people!


With a unique algorithm designed to only recommend people who are so similar to you and in your area, Motiiv then recommends the best kinds of experiences to go on, self-hosted, our through one of our own exclusive Motiiv deals, where you can save over 30% for going as a group. Current beta tests have led to amazing events! From Harry Potter themed cocktail parties to FIFA tournaments, to nights out! All people bonding, over a common interest, with a desire to meet ‘their people’.

Motiiv is founded and run by Niaz Caan (CEO) alongside Kavish Muthoora (CTO).

Facts from our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Beta launch

Over 88% of people said that they need an app like this for their university, to meet like-minded people

Testimonials are incredibly positive, with the app being described as ‘A way for university societies to continue, well after graduation'. MVP launch spread through word of mouth to incorporate 600 users in two weeks, only on Android (our beta testing platform). Vendors in Birmingham have agreed to work with us, offering exclusive discounts in return for groups of like-minded Motiivs. An alternative way to think about Motiiv would be the 'Facebook for events – married with Groupon'.


In terms of investment, we are looking for a £70,000 angel investment round for a 10% stake in our business, with high-growth and high revenue.

Find out more about Motiiv on the link below or alternatively you can email Niaz at



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