The Kindness Capsule - Tamzin Meyer

The Kindness Capsule is a retail business which offers wellbeing gift packages. The business has been created by final year English and History student Tamzin Meyer and was inspired by a random act of kindness from a close friend.

The Kindness Capsule gift packages created by Tamzin Meyer

Tamzin's story:

My business sells wellbeing gift packages filled with treats like teddy bears, sweets, and candles. Each box comes with a personalised scroll, with the box being something that can be gifted to loved ones or bought as a treat for oneself. We do a variety of different, themed packages with the main aim being to spread kindness and brighten up someone's day. 

My friend surprised me with an unexpected gift when I was feeling at my lowest which made my day brighter and made me realise that there were people who were there for me. It was this that inspired me to transform this act of kindness into a business. I wanted to make as many people smile as possible when they receive an unexpected gift through the mail.


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