Anchorise CIC - Ronke Oladele

Anchorise CIC is a social enterprise created by International Management graduate, Ronke Oladele. The business aims to empower girls in Nigeria through education and the sale of sustainable backpacks.


Ronke Oladele's story:

Ronke worked in schools in Nigeria during 2017 and was shocked to learn about the high drop out rate for girls because their parents could not afford school fees. Anchorise CIC was born and Ronke ran self-esteem and empowerment workshops.

Each bag empowers young women through education by paying for fees, organising sanitary pad runs and personal development workshops and summer schools. Our goal is to empower 1000 girls in the next five years.

Ronke also featured on the Global Changemakers podcast in August 2020 to highlight the problems her business is trying to tackle.




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