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Legal Lorikeet supports legal professionals who feel increasingly disengaged with their work because they are spending more time than desired bogged down with, albeit essential, routine work. This especially rings true when conducting initial consultations with prospective clients or onboarding new clients. We believe that legaltech solutions at these stages need a review, a refresh, and a re-implementation - and that’s exactly what we’ve set out to do.

Legal Lorikeet is a start-up business

At Legal Lorikeet (LL), we publish software to help legal professionals engage in the more stimulative, innovative, and brain-racking aspects of their work without compromising the necessary attention and detail on routine work. As a result, legal professionals can deliver more satisfactory solutions, both for themselves and their clients.

Everyone loves an origin story, and if you’re curious about ours and meeting the team, then it’s coming soon to our website. For the exciting details on our progress and goals shown below, please tune into our blog posts over the coming weeks – see you there!

July and August: Piecing the puzzles together

Ideation and Vision

  • We targeted the initial consultation and onboarding phases that solicitors, barristers, or pro-bono groups engage in.

We wanted to develop a software that:

  • reduces feelings of intimidation between legal professionals and prospective clients
  • reduces the manual input that legal professionals need to contribute during initial consultations or onboarding
  • helps legal professionals spend more time innovating brilliant solutions
  • facilitates easier access to legal services and justice

Research and Development

  • The process for onboarding clients
  • Problems underlying the client onboarding process
  • GDPR implications

Developed Systems and Processes

  • Milestones set
  • Researched the software architecture for our software solutions
  • Set up modes of collaboration and internal review
  • Teamwork development

Applied to the University of Birmingham UoB Elevate programme.

September: Off to a flying start

The Exchange Induction

  • Accepted onto the UoB Elevate programme based at The Exchange
  • Collaborated alongside other start-ups and received mentorship on building a sustainable and scalable business.

Research & Development

  • Challenging our assumptions about problems underlying the legal industry
  • Validating our vision: drafted a survey to collate opinions on the efficacy of onboarding and consultation processes undertaken by legal professionals.
  • Selling SaaS to Law Firms: who is involved in the Sales Cycle?
  • Developed customer value propositions


  • Legal – data protection and data processing regulations and legislation
  • Tech – data privacy and cybersecurity concerns
  • Registered with Companies House

October: Market Research and Validation

Research & Development

  • Competitors and existing market solutions
  • Pricing Strategies
  • The benefits of AI for small and mid-sized law firms


  • Website, blog, and LinkedIn pages set up

Market Validation

  • Survey to legal professionals completed and distributed

Attended Birmingham Tech Week 2021

  • Networked with law firms and tech companies
  • Participated in a pitching competition
  • Learned about: Birmingham Law Society’s take on legaltech and what comprises an effective pitch deck?

Where we're headed: Our next moves


Software Development

  • Complete an initial version of our software wireframe
  • Draft use cases for our software
  • Begin developing features for our software based on responses from legal professionals and our secondary research

Continuing Surveying Legal Professionals

Celebrating the launch of The Exchange

  • We will showcase LL to the world as part of this celebration
  • Seeking grants and opportunities for investment or collaboration


Engage Birmingham Law School and its pro-bono groups

  • The aim is to recruit early adopters, build interest in our business, and get recommended to local law firms through their network.

Continue developing and then testing features for our software

2022 and beyond

  • Approach small and mid-sized law firms as our early adopters
  • Continue software development
  • Build, test, review, and iterate
  • MVP ready for greater distribution and testing in 2023

Whether you’re a legaltech enthusiast or on the lookout for the next best software to improve your delivery of legal services, please get involved!

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