Lockdown Index - Harry Margolis

University of Birmingham's Harry Margolis has created a lockdown travel website with six friends who are also studying at UK universities. The entrepreneurial team consisting of Harry (University of Birmingham), Jake Blumenow (University of Aston), Mason Edmonds (University of Leeds), Tom Marland (University of Bristol), Thomas Dooley, Theo Conway (both University of York) and Ben Shephard (Nottingham Trent University) came up with the idea in May 2020 when they were considering holiday options for the summer.


The Lockdown Index story:

"The idea came about as my friends and I were looking to go away this summer and we spent 20 minutes researching where we could go and what we could do. We knew a lot of people would be in the same position so we decided to make a website. Lockdown Index is a travel information website which provides border status information in over 200 countries. Additionally the website includes restrictions imposed within each country which we feel will help people to do decide where they can go on holiday."

Harry Margolis successfully applied for the B-Enterprising Ideas Fund and is continuing to work on the Lockdown Index through the summer:

"I have never had this experience before so I have enjoyed finding out more about running a business. One of the challenges with making this work has been making sure that we all keep on top of updating the countries every day. I wish I had more IT knowledge before I started but the team have worked efficiently in a group in order to work towards a shared goal. As of now, we are looking to expand the site and we are currently developing a new 'US' version of the site."



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