The Mallard - Jake Scott

Jake Scott (PhD Political Science and International Studies) is the managing director of publishing business called the Mallard which features political commentary both online and in print. 'The Mallard' in its own words is 'for people of all persuasions, who are unimpressed with current political parties' with ideas that do not necessarily fit with established political characterisation.

The Mallard is an online publication co-created by UoB students

Jake's story:

The Mallard Publishing Group, the business that owns the political blog 'the Mallard' is intended to fund projects that offer young and emerging voices in political commentary a platform to get their work into the public eye. 

The Mallard has existed for five years, but the business was established to fund further projects; many writers who were published with us for the first time, have gone on to write for established newspapers or set up their own publications.

'The Mallard' blog began as a political blog in 2016, and was taken over by the existing Chairman in 2017. A small dedicated team has continued to grow the publication to reach over 12,000 people a month, and we decided that, to try and provide a more consistent and reliable platform, we ought to incorporate as a Ltd Liability Company, to raise capital and create a legal entity.


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