Action Potential

Action Potential is a social enterprise created by UoB graduate Morgan Mitchell (Exercise and Sport, 2021) and postgraduate researcher Josh Kearney (Psychology). The business delivers applied neuroscience education and the duo provide workshops to translate research about the brain to sporting contexts for coaches, educators, young people and sports organisations.

Morgan and Josh's story:

The idea to start the business, like many in recent time, was born out of lockdown during the pandemic. I shared the idea with my friend Josh while both us were studying at Birmingham, and the early conversations and content creation for Action Potential became our 2020/2021 passion project.

We believe that looking at sports through a neuroscience lens not only deepens and enriches a person’s view on the sports that they play or watch, but equips them with impactful life skills too. Such as learning how to maintain good mental health, make better and more well-informed decisions, choose healthier lifestyle habits and manage their own/their key beneficiaries' performance through emotional regulation.

We also want to focus on delivering to groups of young people from low socio-economic backgrounds, many of whom take part in physical education in some form but who may not have been exposed to high level neuroscience research and would not necessarily be aware that such research could be relevant and important for both their sporting endeavours and also for life in general. 


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