Enabling content creators to build a business around their creations.


Founder(s) name: Joseph Petty Joseph Petty

Company Name: Zaap 

Industry Sector: AI Driven Tech | Technology & Software 

Our Story: I am an Economics student with a passion for innovation and reshaping the landscape for content creators. Already generating revenue, my vision, expertise and drive is helping me to build on these successes to transform the way content creators earn a living. 

Company Mission: At Zaap, we're dedicated to empowering creators to focus on what they love most—creating content. Our products are designed to simplify the process of making money, enabling content creators to build a business around their creations. 

Next Phase: Zaap is at the growth stage and actively seeking investment to support its mission. 

Get Involved: We are actively looking to effectively market Zaap and determine the most optimal channels for reaching our target audience. 

Reach Out: To explore potential collaborations and to learn more about Zaap, you can visit our website.

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