New Eden - Samantha Jambawo

Economics student, Samantha Jambawo has created a skincare business called New Eden.


Samantha Jambawo's story:

New Eden was created from the desire for natural, effective and sustainable skin and hair care products. Drawing on inspiration from around the world, we create unique blends of butters, herbs, oils and other natural ingredients to help people feel confident in their own skin. On top of this, our customers benefit from knowing that our products are ethically sourced, produced and packaged.

From childhood, I suffered from dry and sensitive skin, as I became a teenager I became more self-conscious and at 15 I began my skincare obsession, buying a variety of products that promised miraculous results. About a year later when I realised my skin was no better, I started looking for alternatives. Eventually, I came across natural skincare remedies and blogs. Slowly, I started understanding my skin and what it needs. While a lot of the advice was hit and miss, with time my skin began to heal and recover from years of poor care and chemicals. Ever since I have been an advocate for more natural living. However, natural alternatives to mainstream products were in limited supply and homemade alternatives took up too much time and were difficult to use.

That's when I started experiment with making different products until I had made over 50 prototypes between my studies. By the end of my first year of university, I had managed to build a skincare routine using natural products that I had made. Proud of what I had created, I showed my new products to friends and family who were very impressed and soon started putting in their own orders.

Benefits of running a business

There are so many benefits to running my own business. I would say the best part of running my business is being able to use all my talents. I have always thought of myself as a numbers person; however, since running my own business I finally have an outlet for my creative side. I don't feel like I've had this opportunity in other roles that I've had, usually because my roles are limited to so many tasks, but at the moment I cover many roles.

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, as a business that relies mostly on face-to-face sales, we saw a dramatic drop in income. However, this unprecedented challenge gave me the opportunity to rebrand my company, design a new website and begin to establish other revenue streams.

When things don't go exactly as you plan it creates an opportunity to do something else which can sometimes be better than your original plan. 


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