Teen Calm - Catherine Wassell

Teen Calm is a monthly subscription box service aimed at teenagers who are affected by the anxieties of modern living. Founder Catherine Wassell is currently studying a 'Masters in Special Education - Autism (Children)' and was inspired to start the business after her own daughter came up with the idea.

Teen Calm is a start-up created by UoB entrepreneur Catherine Wassell

Catherine's story:

Teen Calm was the brainchild of my 15 year old daughter who was diagnosed autistic amid a massive mental health crisis when she was 13, and it’s run entirely from our home in the Midlands. The aim of Teen Calm is to help young adults develop a routine that builds self-regulation skills so they can cope with those annoying doubts and insecurities that sometimes have us all feeling down about ourselves. 

Teen Calm is a brave new subscription box filled with passion and purpose. We aim to show  every teenager out there that they’re not alone. Teen Calm is here to encourage self-care, lift spirits, build confidence, and bring a rainbow of colour to your teen’s life. Each subscription box from Teen Calm will provide a warm, welcoming, safe space where teenagers can establish a self-care routine, learn how to self-regulate, introduce calmness into their lives, enjoy a hefty serving of happiness and self-love, and even rediscover their lost confidence by finding their tribe.

It is designed with affordability and accessibility in mind and the dream is to give teenagers all around the world a feeling of belonging and something to look forward to.



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