CritiClassical - Shanshan Shi

Criticlassical is an international start-up created by University of Birmingham Music graduate Shanshan Shi. CritiClassical provides a music exchange service between the UK and China and bridges the gap between international audiences. With a presence in both the UK and China, CritiClassical organises, coordinates and delivers concerts, exhibitions, cultural exchange programmes and other events for clients in one country seeking exposure in the other.

Shanshan Shi is a UoB graduate entrepreneur


Shanshan's story

China, with its 1 billion population and growing stake in world affairs, presents an important market characterised by an increasing number of aficionados of western performing arts. This represents an unsaturated and high-potential market which new and upcoming UK artists can benefit from in many ways. Facing such a large market, many Western classical musicians cannot find the right contacts to access it. By building a music management company in the UK, I aim to bridge the gap between musicians and Chinese audiences.

Adapting to the global pandemic:

I developed a more stable income for the company in 2020 providing digital marketing services. I believe that every crisis is accompanied by opportunities, so keep trying, and keep moving forward. Despite the strict restrictions in China over the past year, they are now returning to a new normal.  



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