Narwhal Innovation

Narwhal Innovation Ltd is a Scientific Technology Transfer Consulting firm. Narwhal offers commercialisation consulting services to customers in the UK and China and helps scientific technology start-ups in the UK who want to explore the world market. They also help potential investors who are looking for UK scientific-tech investment opportunities. The business has been created by University of Birmingham graduate, Zining Wang.

Narwhal Innovation is a start-up based at The Exchange

Zining's story:

Both myself and my business partner are scientific technology transfer experts. We want to use our professional skills and years of experience to help entrepreneurs achieve their business success both in the UK and China. Birmingham is an innovation hot-spot in the UK but we feel this region is often overlooked. There will be huge opportunities for us to work with scientific technology start-up funders. As a graduate from UoB and a resident of Birmingham for years, I would like to contribute to this city and help others grow their business. We want to help those world changers.

We would love to be part of The Exchange community. Working at The Exchange, we can dig more business opportunities for Narwhal. Meanwhile, we can also help The Exchange members and the community to grow their businesses. For Narwhal, we want to expand our business and build our team and increase our gross revenues during our time at The Exchange. In the next 5 years, we want Narwhal to become the largest UK - China technology transfer consulting firm in the UK.

We welcome investment opportunities and we are looking for £200k. In the next 12-18 months, we would like to expand our team from 2 people to 10 people to handle 10 cases per year. We also want to start a Trainee Project scheme and create new Technology Transfer Officers for the business.

I am Chinese and I have lived in Birmingham for more than 8 years. I have a PhD in Freshwater Ecology and the Natural History Museum in London is my favourite place in the UK. I love driving and travelling; my dream car is a Landrover Defender. I enjoy going to the countryside as a break from the city, visiting villages and trying a locally brewed beer. I love to spend time in the gym and am a 'HIIT' fan. Because of the pandemic, I did not go to gym since early 2020, but hope to go back soon and find a work-out partner. 


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