Niyo Enterprise - Oyin Adebayo and Laolu Dada

Niyo Enterprise is a multi-faceted technology organisation that prides itself in using hair, beauty and programmes as tools to economically empower black women. The business was founded by Oyin Adebayo (MA Economics, University of Birmingham) and Laolu Dada (BA Health and Social Care, University of Nottingham Trent). 


Oyin and Laolu's story:

Black Hairdressing has been used as a significant tool for the Afro-Caribbean community, the creativity and culture around getting your hair done in the black community has opened doors for economic empowerment and career development for many. Oyin and Laolu took their social enterprise business which provided training, teaching and empowerment events to black hair, beauty and business enthusiasts, and they have innovated into a tech business. 

Whilst the company provided community workshops on how to braid and style afro-hair, the other half of the business serviced over 200 clients, through providing afro-hairdressing services, the founders were able to empathise and learn about the pain-points and concerns of their customers. All of this coupled with creating creative campaigns in the UK and in Nigeria on the identity of women through the lens of hair and have been featured in the black beauty and hair magazine on two occasions.

Niyo Enterprise is a social enterprise which aims to empower women through hair, beauty and technology.

This is why Niyo Enterprise is innovating into an on-demand hair and beauty business. A machine trained technology that would use AI systems to provide on demand hair and beauty services via a virtual assistant app - where app booking system meets personal support and consultancy like ‘Siri’ does. 
Their own experiences as black women needing quality hair services in the midlands and the north England drove them to begin this development and look, they look forward to launching this App in the Autumn of 2020 whilst sharing their journey through their 'Woke Up' Podcast.


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