The Borrow Shop - Sophie Watson

Masters student Sophie Watson (MSc Urban Regional Planning) has created a venture called The Borrow Shop which aims to encourage borrowing, discourage wasteful spending on one off purchases and create a community culture of sharing. The Borrow Shop can be accessed online and will also shortly be open in a new shop location in Birmingham.

The Borrow Shop is a start-up created by Sophie Watson

Sophie's story:

Imagine a world where you had access to a range of high quality items, but you didn't have to buy outright, store, and fix or upgrade them... that is what The Borrow Shop is. Think steam cleaners, power tools, fold-up chairs and extra crockery for those post-covid dinner parties, sturdy crates for moving home... the possibilities are endless.

In addition to a library of things, The Borrow Shop will also be a place to grab a coffee and we'll sell a small selection of curated sustainable homeware items you wouldn't borrow (think candles and prints)! This enables us to support and showcase local makers. We have a strong emphasis on community and hope it to be a great space for people to meet as well as borrow. 



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