Neurotic is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) generator start-up created by Electronic and Electrical Engineering student Eli Prais. The business is based on Instagram showcasing AI designed artwork and offers customers poster and t-shirts with the designs.

Eli's story:

In late 2021, I came across the website neuralblender by chance, and after using it for a few minutes, I realised that when I typed in a sentence, it would create a piece of art. I found this idea fascinating, and I decided to start an Instagram page to share my creations. Over time, my page grew and I knew that it had more potential.

When I first started, AI art generators were a new thing. At the time, we thought that the art that was created was incredible - and in a way, it was, as the AI could understand what we wanted and usually produced art that made sense. However looking back on it now, we could see how primitive it was.

The AIs have greatly improved, and as well as this, there are different machine learning models that each generator uses, so each one has a unique style. It has been incredible developing my portfolio and art skills (using paint and photoshop) alongside this new amazing technology, that has been developing at such a fast rate. Seeing the increase of understanding and quality by the AI has been incredible.

It has also been great being a part of the AI world and communities online. One of the websites I use, Nightcafe Studio, is like a social media platform for AI art where people share their creations with each other. 

Of course, I also understand the controversy behind AI art, and the fact that there are lots of people opposed to it. I must say that I do not think that AI art replaces human art. The incredible detail that you find in human art, each brushstroke with meaning, I believe will always have a place in society. The main issue I believe most artists have, is that they are worried for their jobs. This worry is extremely justified, as in the current society money is essential for life. But this has always been the case with new technology - old jobs became obsolete, and new ones were created. 

We are at such a point in time where AI is really emerging and has the potential to outclass humanity at everything. I believe that we may even need to evaluate the way that our society works, if this becomes the case. There is far more on this topic, but too much to include here!


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