Incredibin is a start-up business created by three University of Birmingham students; Shubhansh Bharati, Lucie Gale and Anthony Fong. Their main product, the 'Spin It Bin Latch' offers an innovative solution to keep wheelie bins shut during high winds and bad weather. 

Incredibin is a start-up created by three UoB students

The Incredibin Story

Shubhansh, Lucie and Anthony not only came up with the idea during the University's Vice-Chancellor’s Challenge 2020, but the idea impressed so much so that they were crowned champions. Following the competition, they explored the idea even further and have since turned it into a registered business. The product itself is cheap, easy to produce and allows for bin lids to remain shut whilst on the ground but open when they are tipped up on the back of a Waste collection vehicle because of its innovative twist design.



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