Havick Talent - Jack Kelly

Jack Kelly graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2018 with a degree in Accounting and Finance and he is the co-founder of social media influencer agency Havick Talent. The start-up helps clients in North America and currently operates from Bogota in Colombia. Jack also runs another venture organising South American football tours for US tourists.

Jack Kelly is a University of Birmingham entrepreneur

Jack's story:

The business is actually based in Los Angeles but I chose Bogota as it's a favorable timezone and the business is heavily influenced by Latin America. I was working for another start-up in the US during lockdown before teaming up with a colleague to create Havick Talent, with clear guidance as a Female First influencer management agency which has a strong set of core values including prioritising our clients rather than profit maximisation.

For me being an entrepreneur is about finding joy in the little things. For example, during a recent bank holiday I worked all day, but at other times you [have the freedom to] take time out to do important things for yourself and its that intangible value of managing yourself that contributes to happiness and purpose which is something I used to lack in a corporate job.

I can also say with certainty that B-Enterprising was a driving force during my university years that gave me the confidence to pursue entrepreneurship and equip me with a broad range of skills that I have utilised to build the business.



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