8 February 2023 - Contensis software update

Here are the features and fixes included in the latest website release on Wednesday 8 February 2023. 

New features

Content types and entries (applies to /news /study and /jobs sections)

  • Timeline group - a new component suitable for displaying timeline or process content. This is available on standard content pages. 
  • News landing page - blank alt text automatically added to smaller article cards
  • News listing page, events listing - 'previous' text darkened to ensure sufficient colour contrast
  • Sitemap - added /news-archive section, in preparation for moving older news content over to this section
  • Named section - by adding a 'named section' to an entry, editors now have the opportunity to link straight to a particular section of the page
  • Breadcrumb - now displayed on all pages, even if these are not included in the menu
  • Back button - removed from all content types, as these are causing confusion and duplicating a feature already provided by browsers

Contensis Classic (applies to rest of site)

  • None

Bug fixes

Content types and entries

  • News landing - cumulative layout shift issues fixed by specifying a height and width for images

Contensis Classic

  • UoB news listing control - number of articles displayed can now be limited to a particular number, by adding this into the control


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