November 2019 - Contensis software update

Here's a summary of the features and fixes included in the November 2019 Contensis software update.  


Course pages

  • Customisable fact file and promo buttons on course pages
    Fact file buttons (top of page) and promo buttons (bottom of page, underneath main content) now customisable by localisation on distance learning (course type = distance learning) and online courses delivered through Wiley (course management = programmes with partners online only). Fact file buttons customisable by localisation for Summer School courses (academic level = summer school), and removed for MOOCs (academic level = MOOC). 
  • FAQs on Summer School courses
    Now removed as default from the contact strip on Summer School programmes (academic level = summer school)
  • Character limit on email field on course pages
    Character limit removed on the email field on course pages, so long URLs with tracking can now be used 
  • Register for updates link in contact strip 
    Now customisable at course page level
  • Foundation entry requirements
    Now sourced from country pages, accompanied by English language requirements, and displayed using the 'international entry requirements' drop down feature
  • PG entry requirements
    No longer pull through English language requirements from country pages - only academic requirements are displayed


  • YouTube iframe titles
    Now automatically sourced using the YouTube API (if the standard YouTube embed control is used), with the option to add a caption (description) underneath the video if needed. The caption uses the field previously used for 'title', so to remove the caption, simply delete the title.  
  • Landing page promo row - two items
    This can now be used with two items (previously required a minimum of three), with recommended image size of 600x309. This should now be used for rows of two CTAs, replacing any custom code that was previously created. 
  • Stats feature
    The stats feature used on the course template is now available as a control to be used within any page on the website. This can be found in webcontrols > UOB features > statistics control, and should be used for displaying stats within content, replacing any infographics/images with text.  
  • Webcontrol heading changes
    Headings have been changed in the following features and controls to ensure a logical page structure:
    • Course flow listing to h2
    • Main site search results to h2
    • Promoted events on events landing page to h2
    • Accordion headings in footer to h2, College headings to h3
    • Cover repeater, news and events on homepage to h2
    • News and events on Intranet homepage to h2
    • Accordion and 'have your say'on Perspective template to h2
    • Intranet service links to h2
    • Latest video grid feature to h2
  • Empty alt text for icons and decorative images
    Changed for chevron icons on research landing page, icons on contact panel on fundraising templates, 
  • Strategic Framework templates
    Menu and promo control now use accessible colours
  • Gradients on research grid
    Increased gradient to ensure appropriate colour contrast on research grid feature (used on Research landing and College templates) 
  • Contensis forms
    Red lines on left now used to show user required fields
  • Heading level editable
    Editors can now change the heading level on the event listing and news listing controls, so that the appropriate level for the page structure can be selected. For example, if a page contains an h1 and h2 with the event listing within this section, an h3 can be selected. 
  • Dubai switch
    A hidden label has now been added to the campus switch button to help screenreader users
  • Single wrapping anchor tag for promo rows
    Added for contact panel on course template and CTA panel on fundraising templates
  • Focus visible on star and search icons
    A blue outline now appears for keyboard users when tabbing through the page, on the star and search icons in the navigation


  • News page image - YouTube video
    If there is no image added to a news article but a YouTube video has been supplied, the YouTube video will be displayed top right in place of the image
  • Default image on research news control
    If no image is supplied for a news article displayed in the 'research news large image feature', a default image (set by localisation across the site) will be displayed

Bug fixes

  • Aria states on accordions
    Now works when accordions contain iframes
  • Skip to content link on homepage
    Skip to content link (to bypass nav for screenreader users) added to homepage template
  • Research secondary nav
    Now appears in situ over the header image, and all links work as expected on Safari on mac desktop
  • Related research on course pages
    If a research relationship is added to a course page, this does not appear on the page unless content has also been added to the 'research' tab
  • Checkboxes on Contensis forms
    Selected checkboxes now visible to the user
  • Video caption on news template
    Caption (underneath video) is now optional and styled in italics, to be consistent with videos elsewhere on the site
  • Landing level 2 header images
    Now resize on mobile as expected
  • Videos in accordions
    Using a video in an accordion no longer prevents the user from closing the accordion


Professional Services