16 February 2021 - Contensis software update

The purpose of this week's software release is add additional functionality to support the publication of short courses. A significant proportion of developer time has been focussed instead on platform developments in preparation for major upcoming projects.

New features

New template developments for short courses

In order to support the future addition of a range of short courses to the website, new functionality has been added to the existing course template to display content in a slightly different format. Once the release has gone out we will provide a link to an example short course and produce supporting guidance in the Digital Toolkit.

Bug fixes

Quote feature image display

A bug was preventing the profile image from showing on smaller devices for the quote feature component. This has been fixed so will publish on mobile and desktop devices following the software release. 
IT development and QA reference: https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/176743727


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