27 April 2021 - Contensis software update

The latest development sprint has focused on preparing for the transition to using content types and entries, and exploring technical options for future projects.  

New features

  • External links are now possible on the 'cover flow cards' used on the Research homepage
  • Transcript links on course pages are now underlined to comply with accessibility regulations
  • Added RSS feeds to the new UoB News control, which will replace Zengenti controls in advance of redesigning this section
  • We have explored the possibility of lazy loading for YouTube videos, which could speed up page load times for video content. This release will allow us to test to impact of a simple code change on page load times.
  • We have also explored the possibilities offered by personalisation tools in the CMS. In the future, this could allow us to personalise web content based on user location, device or interactions with the site. 

Bug fixes

  • On some webpages, the Offer Calculator icon in the navigation was loading later than the rest of the page, causing a layout shift after the page had loaded. This should now load more quickly, but we will test the impact after the release. 


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