28 June 2023 - Contensis software update

Here are the features and fixes included in the latest website release on Wednesday 28 June 2023. 

New features

Content types and entries (applies to /news /study and /jobs sections)

  • Course search - this has been altered so that it only searches the course name, additional course names, course name (used in listings) and search data keywords fields, rather than the full text of the page. This means that many subject keyword searches produce fewer, much more relevant results.
  • Course search 'featured' results - on the course content type, there is now the option to set a course to be 'featured'. If switched on, the course will appear at the top of results for any search where it ranks.
  • Featured videos component -  on desktop, this now displays videos using 2, 3 or 4 column layouts. No change on mobile. 
  • Course listing page - there is now an option of a 'plain' heading. If selected, the h1 title will appear above results, left justified, with no background. 
  • Content navigation cards (with background) component - there is now the option of including a description with each card. This is automatically pulled from the meta description of the associated entry.
  • Course listing page icons - if featured, course variation icons now appear at the end of the list of icons.
  • Image carousel with lightbox component - keyboard focus indicator is now wider and clearer

Contensis Classic (applies to rest of site)

  • None

Bug fixes

Content types and entries

  • None

Contensis Classic

  • None


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