8 June 2022 - Contensis software update

Here are the features and fixes included in the latest website release on Wednesday 8 June, 2022.  

New features

Content types and entries (applies to /news and new /study section)

  • Meta information component - all content types apart from the news article now have a separate 'meta information' component entitled 'meta information non-news'. This is due to the news article meta description being pulled automatically from the summary field, whereas all other content types do not have this field. All relevant information has been copied over to the new component for standard content pages. 
  • Header images - quality level changed from 50 to 80, allowing for higher quality images
  • Site search - standard content, subject area, subject area landing page and course listing page now included in pages indexed by the main site search
  • Course listing page and subject area content types - these are now wrapped in a container, adding appropriate spacing between course listing results
  • Link carousel - new component which allows between 3 and 5 entries to be linked to from a carousel. It automatically pulls through the link text from the meta title, using entry title as fallback (if meta title is left blank). It pulls through the image from the meta image field, using a site default image as fallback (currently an image of campus). 
  • Subject area - removed bespoke ordering of course listings, which has resulted in courses with that subject area set as a 'secondary subject area' appearing at the bottom of the list, where a user would expect to find them
  • Subject area - added optional button to header. This can be linked to any entry, but should be used for major calls to action for student recruitment, such as Open Day. 
  • Copyright in footer updated to 2022

Contensis Classic (applies to rest of site)

  • Copyright in footer updated to 2022
  • Course pages - 'previous entry requirements' field added, which is a single line of text that can appear underneath the current entry requirements on all course pages

Bug fixes

Content types and entries

  • Content navigation cards - when three cards are used, these now span the whole width of the page rather than leaving a gap on the right
  • Site footer accordions - links in the 'schools and departments', 'culture and collections' and 'facilities' accordions can now be selected and focused on by keyboard users
  • Site header - focus is not lost when tabbing through the navigation, including Dubai switch, site search and when using the mobile menu
  • Reduced payload on pages that use the 'in this section' navigation, ensuring faster load time
  • Site search - keyboard focus is now visible on search filters
  • Site footer grey links - changed to RGB 60 to increase colour contrast
  • Skip to content link - this is now a link, rather than a button, making it accessible to those using a screen reader in Links mode
  • In this section menu - when accessing this using a keyboard, focus is not lost on links 6 and 7. Now the 'see more' links can be selected to view and select the additional links.
  • News landing page - tab focus on the subjects list is now retained when viewing at 200%
  • Cookie banner - moved to top of page to ensure logical tab order
  • Breadcrumb on mobile - now only shows the current page and parent page in the site tree, which reduces the amount of space this occupies on the page while retaining the most useful links. Breadcrumbs on desktop still shows the full breadcrumb.
  • Video embed - image placeholders now load properly, even if multiple paramenters are used

Contensis Classic

  • Site footer grey links - changed to RGB 60 to increase colour contrast
  • UoB news listing control - pagination fixed so full list of news articles can now be accessed
  • Site footer grey links - changed to RGB 60 to increase colour contrast
  • Cookie banner - moved to top of page to ensure logical tab order


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