25 January 2023 - Contensis software update

Here are the features and fixes included in the latest website release on Wednesday 25 January 2023. 

New features

Content types and entries (applies to /news /study and /jobs sections)

  • News landing page - updates to padding on mobile, to align different article types
  • News listing page - updates to padding on mobile
  • Course search - now includes 'fuzzy logic'. This means that prospective students can make typos and the search still produces relevant results (if the typo is one letter out from a subject name that would normally be returned)
  • 404 page - we now have a 404 page in CT&E
  • CTA banner - this now displays the image at the maximum size required for the user's device

Contensis Classic (applies to rest of site)

  • None

Bug fixes

Content types and entries

  • News landing - Birmingham Brief section now shows 4 articles rather than 3, and duplicate article in Expert Comment section has been removed
  • Video news articles - video duration now appears on listings

Contensis Classic

  • News listings - these now pull through all relevant CT&E news articles (previously anything published in the past month was omitted). 


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