June 2019 - Contensis software update

Here's a summary of the features and fixes included in the June 2019 Contensis software update.  


Course page template

  • Course page - promo row editing
    These can now be edited centrally by localisation, customisable by academic level (UG, PGT, PGR, Summer School) and by campus (UK/Dubai). MOOCs and intercalated do not have promo rows. 
  • Unistats KIS widget
    This is automatically added to the first tab of the course template if a UCAS code is supplied
  • TEF logo on UG
    This only appears on UG courses and is editable centrally by localisation
  • UG/PG go live and preview
    Localisations to go live/preview the UG/PG course templates separately
  • Professional accreditation
    Added to course templates on employability tab underneath a heading
  • Fact file buttons on course template:
    • Main pink button is customisable by academic level and campus (UG, PG, Summer School, Dubai) and editable centrally by localisation
    • White button (currently used for Open Day in UG template) is customisable by academic level and campus (UG, PG, Dubai) and editable centrally by localisation
    • For apply button see below
  • Apply button in course template fact file
    This is editable from the course template:
    • If 'source of apply URL' is 'apply URL' this button goes straight to the URL supplied
    • If 'source of apply URL' is 'link to how to apply' this button goes to the 'how to apply' accordion
    • If 'source of apply URL' is 'PG admissions' this button goes to the 'how to apply' accordion, where an 'apply' button appears that directs to the correct location in SITS. For this to work, the admissions code also needs to be supplied. 
    • If 'source of apply URL' is 'none', then no apply button appears
  • Remove entry requirements strip for non-UG courses
    Requirements strips (A-level, IB, BTEC) does not appear on other academic level courses, intercalated or graduate entry medicine
  • Courses - delete tabs if there's no content
    If there's no content supplied in a particular tab, the tab does not appear
  • Register for updates link in course template
    This is editable by localisation and customitable by academic level and campus
  • Campus in fact file for Dubai
    For Dubai courses, 'campus' appears in the fact file
  • Teaching and assessment accordions - medicine
    Added year 5 and placement year
  • PGR research projects
    Extra tab for PG research courses
  • Additional html localisation
    Optional extra html element that can be added to courses by academic level, centrally by localisation
  • Web chats replaced by FAQs automatically
    If no web chat info is supplied in the course template, this space in the contact strip is then occupied by FAQs, which can be edited centrally by localisation
  • Clearing banner on UG course pages
    Clearing banner can be switched on/off, centrally by localisation. This appears on all UG courses that have 'in clearing' ticked. Text for the banner and buttons, and links are customisable by whether the course is in international, home/EU clearing or both, and are editable centrally by localisation.
  • Clearing banner on any page
    Clearing banner can be added to any standard or level 2 page. Pages specified by localisation, and can have separate text and links to UG courses. Currently it cannot be added to courses of other academic levels. 
  • International entry requirements
    International entry requirements drop down feature - information pulled automatically from the country pages

Pure and staff profile template

  • PhD details to appear on PhD supervisor search control
    There is now an option for PhD info in the staff profile template to be displayed on staff search results
  • Pure styling stripped out
    Any data pulled from Pure to staff profiles (or elsewhere on the website) has the styling stripped out automatically. This includes fonts and underlining, but not headings, italics and bold. 
  • Additional PG supervision field
    There's now an additional PG supervision field on the staff profile template, which appears below the main PG supervision information. This could be used if PG supervision data is pulled from Pure, but we want to add generic information such as a call to action to multiple profiles from Contensis.
  • Highlight and recent publications
    Highlight publications from Pure are now displayed at the top of an academic's list of publications on their staff profile, if Pure integration is switched on and an ID (staff, Pure, ORCID) is supplied. Number of highlights and recent publications are editable via localisation, centrally. 
  • Staff listing control - PG supervision filter
    The staff listing control in Contensis is now filterable by only staff who have information supplied in their PG supervision field on their staff profile. 


  • Chinese social media icons
    These now appear in the footer of the site
  • Text in footer now white
    This has been changed from grey to white, to increase the colour contrast for accessibilty

Bug fixes

  • Course template - quotes on lower breakpoints
    Quotes no longer overlap with other text on lower breakpoints
  • Quest video scroller
    This now displays correctly on lower breakpoints with scrolling buttons and no extra symbols. The alignment has also been corrected. 
  • Course template - quotes on lower breakpoints
    Quotes no longer overlap with other text on lower breakpoints


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