August 2019 - Contensis software update

Here's a summary of the features and fixes included in the August 2019 Contensis software update.  


  • Offer Calculator result buttons on course pages
    If a user has completed the Offer Calculator for a particular course, the 'am I likely to receive an offer' button now displays their result (e.g. 'Likely conditional offer') and is coloured green for positive results
  • Teaching/research tabs for PG courses
    The 'teaching and assessment' and 'research' tabs on PG courses (new course template) now appear if populated, regardless of course type
  • Pure headings on staff profiles
    If text pulled through from Pure contains bespoke heading styles, these are now automatically overwritten so that headings follow the structure of the page, ensuring staff profiles remain accessible
  • Email link on course pages
    A URL can now be used for the email contact on course pages, with a title and description that are bespoke to the course
  • International entry requirements on PG courses
    PG entry requirements from international country pages is now displayed on the 'entry requirements' tab of PG courses via a drop down menu. Anything in the 'additional entry requirements' or 'international students' fields will appear underneath this. 
  • New heading on purple explore bar
    There is now the option of having a second heading on the right (desktop) or above the second section of links (mobile) in the purple explore bar on research templates.
  • New links on purple explore bar
    There are now four more links available on the purple explore bar on research templates
  • Research secondary navigation - click
    The secondary nav now functions on click, rather than hover (on desktop). No change on mobile or tablet. 
  • Clearing entry requirements search and filter
    A new search control 'course search clearing' allows prospective students to filter courses in clearing by the grades they have achieved, so they can see which courses they could apply for. They can also filter by subject area as normal. There are new fields on the course page template which provide the data for this control to work - 'offer if course in clearing' (grades need to be entered in this format only: 'ABB' - not 'A,B,B' or 'ABB with A in Maths' for example) and 'further offer requirements if course in clearing' (use this field for 'A in Maths required' or 'CRB check required'). This search control only displays courses in UK clearing, which have the 'in clearing' box ticked on the course page template.

Bug fixes

  • How to apply accordion on Dubai course pages
    Apply button now goes to correct page in SITS
  • YouTube control on course pages
    YouTube tracking should now not cause the user to need to press the back button multiple times on course pages (only if the video has been added using the standard control, not for additional videos)
  • External URL in research article grid
    The external URL field in the bottom right feature of the research article grid control (on research templates) is now fixed
  • Research areas link in secondary nav
    This is fixed on mobile and can now be edited 
  • Research page intro text
    This now stays within the header image on mobile. There's now a 150 character limit for the intro paragraph on research pages (desktop and mobile)


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