10 August 2023 - Contensis software update

Here are the features and fixes included in the latest website release on Thursday 10 August 2023. 

New features

Content types and entries (applies to /news /study and /jobs sections)

  • Upcoming events - if three events are added, these are now equally spaced and fill the width of the page
  • News listing page - the CTA banner is now not a required component, so a simple news listing can be produced
  • Subject area pages - these have been updated to use the new style course listing. Undergraduate subject areas show UCAS code and course variation on the course cards, while Postgraduate subject areas show course structure and study pattern (full time/part time)
  • Course listing page - on mobile, the 'filters' button now shows the number of filters applied. The 'clear filters' button now only appears once filters have been added. 
  • Course listing page - if a plain header is used, we now have the option of adding a piece of rich text beneath the page title
  • Staff listing page (NEW content type) - this lists staff profiles, and can be pre-filtered by College, School, Department or Research Group (provided these have been added to the relevant profiles in CTE first). We have the option to add/remove the search bar, and add/remove the staff images. 
  • Double image (NEW component) - this allows us to dislay two images side-by-side on desktop, with an optional caption. On mobile the images are stacked. 

Contensis Classic (applies to rest of site)

  • None

Bug fixes

Content types and entries

  • None

Contensis Classic

  • None


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